Spiral Dial write stories and improvise electroacoustic soundscapes to bring them to life.

The band was birthed by Liza Bec after Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund funded them to make INNERVATE, an audiovisual installation about their own experience of music triggered epilepsy.

a stunning composition of mesmerising beauty” – Grotesqualiser

the ultimate magical sonic art” – Last Day Deaf

The twisted musical core of the spiral consists of Rhian the robo recorder: part computer, part faux baroque plastic reproduction. Rhian does not subscribe to musical genres but has been told it sounds like a cobra who went to choir school.

Constructed by Liza with the help of Leafcutter John and powered by Max for Live, Rhian mainly inhabits unnerving dystopian landscapes and enjoys jam sessions with candyfloss pandas.

Liza has previously collaborated with James Holden and The Memory Band amongst others. Fellow intrepid explorers include David Ryder Prangley (Adam Ant, Rachel Stamp) , who plays the bass guitar and sometimes narrates, and Adam Hayes on percussion.

Spiral Dial are currently producing an eponymous monthly sci fi serial out to subscribers on the last Friday of every month, with artwork by Jeff Conway (@pushingnormal). Check it out here.