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Dear all

This year hasn’t really turned out as planned so far, has it? Events seem to get more dystopian by the day. Reassuringly, though, life on board Spiral Dial is still even stranger than reality- so let us distract you from the everyday with a brand new episode.

Click here to read Episode 2: Hammock now! Deck One members may click here for Episode 4. Alternatively, start from the very beginning….

I improvised Hammock in the pitch black of Hallowe’en eve in an impromptu pre-birthday ritual. The very definition of lockdown. Meanwhile the tracks for Confession cover all the bases with a dance and a dirge.

Some of you have asked if we can provide the story and music together in podcast format. I’m excited to say that we can, in fact, Episodes One and Two are already in the can! David read it all live, of course, and we also played an entirely new soundtrack at the same time, exactly as we would in a real live show. You’ll be getting a proper Spiral Dial concert! I’m currently working on the final master, so expect a surprise update within the next few weeks, and we’ll catch up the newer episodes as soon as we can.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody reading and especially to our subscribers! Your support is what is keeping the band going. We’re all looking forward to the return of live music. Until then more weirdness is coming on the last Friday of every month- please spread the word!

With love from

Liza x

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