Dear All

As we are all starting to emerge from our lockdown chrysalises, it feels like we need some kind of ritual, some kind of spiritual preparation for facing the new and unknown world. Ideally followed by an epic rave.

Artwork by Jeff Conway @pushingnormal

Luckily Episode Four features all of the above with music to match….plus some extra weirdness, as you might expect from an episode of Spiral Dial!

You can read the story here, or listen to the music direct from this email below!

There are some (very abstract!) clues in Jeff’s artwork this month- for those of you who like a puzzle, it’s worth checking it out and forming your theories on what happens next before you start.

If you haven’t read any of Spiral Dial yet, I’d suggest you start from the very beginning.

Our music is also featured on the lovely Will Crewdson’s radio show tonight on Totally Wired Radio at 10pm (Friday 26th March)- you can listen live or else catch up on the show here. News on live streams will also be coming very soon on our social media- keep an eye out!

If you’d like to read the next two episodes now, and get access to the first couple of episodes of our podcast, you can support our work by subscribing here. Use the code SPIRAL1 to get your first month free!

Wishing you all a sunny Easter with stackloads of chocolate. More music from us next month!

Liza x

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