Dear all

This month’s episode is particularly dramatic. Without giving you any spoilers, Good Friday was definitely the best possible day for us to have recorded it. The artwork may give you a slight clue….if your mind is as twisted as mine. 


Every month at Anarres David has been reading the story as we improvise music to bring it to life. This all happens 100% live! (Ok, full disclosure: I’ve edited out the odd obscenity. But apart from that, it’s as it comes!) 

We’ll be releasing an episode every week starting this September, available on all your favourite podcast platforms. More details on dates coming very soon! 

For now you can listen to this month’s track here. 

Read this month’s episode here, or start from the very beginning.

Join us on Deck One to read up to Episode Nine now! 

I hope you enjoy! The cats send purrs.  Liza x

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