Dear all

The day is finally here…. I’m incredibly proud to present the very first improvised robo recorder sci fi serial podcast….in the world! Please do follow us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google, Spotify and remember to share with your friends, neighbours, enemies and cats. 

A big thank you to all of you who are subscribers and have supported us in making this music. You’ve all been bumped up permanently to our new top tier membership, and your login details and subscription remain exactly the same! The Series Two artwork is absolutely incredible- literally a whole new world! Subscribers can log in to see it now

For those of you who aren’t subscribing yet, you have a chance to join us now for free- we are giving away thirteen top tier memberships to celebrate the podcast release! Sign up for Parabolic Purr this week using the code PODCASTPURR. The code dissolves into stardust on the 6th November so be quick! 

You will see that a few changes have been made on our website! We now have four memberships available, from Spiral Dialler (free!) through to Parabolic Purr, our most luxurious offering. Check the details out here

We didn’t want any spoilers available for podcast listeners so if you’ve been reading the episodes on the website so far, you’ll now have to create a log in to access them. You can read along with the podcast for free- Episode One is available now. If you’d like to catch up with the very latest episodes, you can do so by signing up for either Heavenly Helix or Parabolic Purr both of whom are leaping into Series Two today! 

When you’ve listened to the podcast, be sure to let us know what you think! Sending you lots of purrs in the meantime. x

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