Dear all

Have you been waiting for an email with more of the surreal and less of the sales? Well, here it is! I bear glad tidings: Episode Two of Spiral Dial the Podcast: Hammock is live! Check it out now on Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes.  



Hypnotic Music


Episode Two: Hammock Artwork by @pushingnormal

And best of all, it’s completely free to listen to!  So get yourself a cuppa, stop scrolling those sales and save yourself some cash.

If you’ve still got the urge to splurge and would like to download the featured track this month, you can do so on Bandcamp or subscribe to the serial online.

Subscribers can log in now on Heavenly Helix to venture further into the bubble in Series Two, Episode Two. Parabolic Purrers, you are invited to join us in the studio for our monthly post episode debrief and pre pizza speculation. All accompanied by brand new artwork courtesy of Pushing Normal!

THANK YOU all for existing, supporting us and being amazing humans. 

Sending lots of purrs

Liza x

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