Dear all

First of all I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year! January 2022 has gone incredibly fast here- time seems to be disappearing faster than an unattended box of Dreamies in a cat cafe! 

Confession is live!

Check out Episode Four of Spiral Dial live on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes et al now.  There is also a brand new track available for download on Bandcamp

Subscribers be warned, when you log in you will be transported a whole year into the future (no spoilers, but Hamlet does feature in this month’s episode of Parabolic Purr, so make of that what you will!) We are getting ready to record Series 2 Episodes 11 and 12 would you believe- so there’s plenty lined up into 2022!

Date for your diaries – “Off the Agender”

I am super excited to be More Womxn’s resident artist on Resonance FM in February! I’ve found when I mention being agender I am often met by blank faces and confusion, so I wanted to explore the reality of being agender through both music and words in this special one off show called “Off The Agender”. Expect genre and gender bending music from myself and other agender artists mixed with live improvisation and of course, a surreal story bringing it all together! 

We’ll be on air at 8pm on Friday the 18th February. You can also listen back after the show is broadcast on the Resonance FM website

Tŷ  Cerdd

It was incredible to travel to Cardiff last Saturday for the first of a series of composition workshops with Tŷ Cerdd. Being in the same room with so many inspiring music creators sharing ideas and words of encouragement was an absolute privilege especially at a time when we are spending so much time sequestered in the studio. It’s fantastic to work with such a warm and welcoming organisation together with Lloyd, Lila, Siobhan and Isaac from Paraorchestra. You can read all about the CoDI Lead project and the people involved here.

This is also something I know would make my grandmother super proud if she were still here as while growing up I was reminded by her regularly (constantly, in fact!) of my Welsh roots. According to her I was the reincarnation of my great grandmother who was training as an opera singer in Wales until her father died and there was no longer enough money for her to continue with music as a career. Heartbroken, she was forced to marry an English a***hole and things went downhill from there. As she was the last known musician in my family I must have got some of her genes I suppose (minus the operatic ones….)

In addition to redressing some of the past’s injustices this project also means that someone other than myself will have written music for the roborecorder! They may also be able to answer the question ‘how do you write roborecorder music down?’ Something I have not so far needed to address, with, of course, the exception of many deranged scrapbook scribblings.

I hope you’re all getting through the winter well and cosy and let’s hold on for more sunshine and music in the weeks to come! 

Liza x

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