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Episode Five is here! The artwork for this episode is one of my favourites and really does reflect (bad pun alert!) the strange goings on this month. Talking of strange goings on, we have been down an internet rabbit hole over the last 24 hours, having to travel to a secret location to be able to upload our files! We made it out of the vortex only a few hours later than usual. Check the latest podcast episode out on SoundcloudiTunesRSSGoogle or Spotify 

This month’s music features Adam playing the sofa, a little known but under rated musical instrument. At the time we recorded this the sofa in question was still pretty new so the idea of poking it with sticks was quite revolutionary. It has survived intact with zero stains (so far, it’s only a matter of time….)

Subscribers on Parabolic Purr or Heavenly Helix have the joy of a song written and performed in Old English this month! There is a brilliant dictionary online where you can find all sorts of wonderful words. I was particularly excited to find that the word for music in old English is ‘dream’. What a wonderful evolution of language. No one is exactly sure how the words were pronounced, and you may hear several of our best guesses within the track. If you’d like to join our subscribers use the code SPIRAL1 here to get your first month free. 

The sharp eared subscribers amongst you may also detect a short section of David’s vocal which is slightly different from the rest. As well as the Internet fairies we have had some audio gremlins visit us and had to replace this section remotely at the last minute using the magic of the smartphone voice recorder. This will be fixed come next month so you get two versions for the price of one! 

Some of you may already have listened to the special one off show I made for the MW residency on Resonance FM called Off the Agender.

 This show features David and myself (!) narrating together with a mash up of music from Ursula Le Guin and Todd Barton, Arca, CN Lester and many others given the full robo recorder treatment. As a huge fan of his music I was delighted that Todd himself listened back to the show and took the time to tell me that he loved what we have done with his track. As it was such a personal show to make it meant such a lot to me to hear that. He tells me he is also a recorder and has been for a very long time. Here’s a video of his beautiful playing!

You can read more detail on the show over at my website here

Listen back here for the rest of this month only.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Episode Five! Please do drop us a line with your ideas and suggestions. We’ll be recording Series Two episodes 11 and 12 this month, then it’s into the studio to cook up some strange new sounds in preparation for Series Three.

Liza x 

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