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Here is your friendly Bank Holiday trigger warning: this month’s podcast contains violence and mild torture. OK, perhaps not so mild, but certainly nothing nearly as bad as the front page of today’s papers. Be reassured that we are staying firmly planted in the realm of fantasy! 

We recorded this one back on Good Friday of 2021 and I think it came through in the music. This month’s featured track certainly has a doom opera vibe to it! Pick it up on Bandcamp here.  

Heavenly Helixers can disappear into the blue of Series Two with Bubble, featuring a brand new character of the geometric variety.  Meanwhile, Parabolic Purr features Flash Gordon, Barbarella and anthropomorphism. Oh, and we talk about Spiral Dial a bit, too! Be warned: David’s ‘morning voice’ is not for the faint of heart. Log in here to listen.

Thanks are also due this month to Drew who rescued us from the awful fate of 2 minutes of corrupt narration- he kindly recorded David at his studio in North London just in the nick of time to parachute into the final mix!

Time can be deceiving on board Spiral Dial, and here at Anarres we have just finished recording the very last episode of Series Two! Plans are already under way for Series Three. I’ve got some new sounds and adventures brewing….including a possible excursion into the lands of machine learning. More news on this to follow!

Finally, for all you Myers Briggs fanatics, we discovered this month that David and I have the same personality type! I won’t mention what it is but if anyone thinks they can hazard a guess at the contents of our minds tag us (@SpiralDial) on Twitter or Instagram with your suggestions. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and sending purrs!

Liza x

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