Dear all

I hope the sunshine is making you as happy as it is us! It’s been absolutely glorious, and mixing Episode Nine has made it feel even better, as we recorded this one in the depths of winter. Parabolic Purrers will get the exact same sense of satisfaction on listening to this month’s behind the scenes chat, featuring us moaning about the freezing cold and grey while you bask in the sun’s rays. (Don’t worry, we don’t moan for the whole episode, which as always includes our reaction to the very latest in Series 2 together with David’s musings on a certain Charlie….)

This month’s public podcast is Episode Nine, which features one of my favourite parts of Spiral Dial, the TALENT SHOW! Including everything from tigers to old knicker elastic with a surreal corporate twist. Give it a listen now! 

It’s been an absolutely mad month working on lots of different projects, dealing with drama left right and centre, everything from bed bugs to bullshit  ( luckily not actually IN MY HOUSE, which is most definitely a bullshit- and bed bug- free zone, but still very close to home!). I know a lot of us are dealing with the same struggles at the moment so sending you lots of love and best wishes for whatever variety of excrement you are currently trudging through. I hope that listening to this helps to escape if only for a short time! 

Finally, I have recently had the pleasure of working with the Creative Computing Institute to add Artificial Intelligence into my musical arsenal. If any of you are in London, I will be sharing a five minute roborecorder piece at this event together with many other exciting artists. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, as there will most definitely be some AI fuelled madness included in Series 3 of Spiral Dial! 

Lots of love 

Liza x 

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