This month’s episode of Series Two is entitled ‘Test’ and as you can see, Archie likes to ask the important questions up front. 

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Artwork by Pushing Normal

Everyone else, hold on tight for this month’s episode of Series One on the podcast, Trust, featuring pregnant prayers and a fair amount of flirting. Racing back in time, this episode was constructed from a Frankenstein like compilation of two live takes due to the re emergence of some particularly pesky computer gremlins. Let me know if you can spot the join! 

Amidst the usual cat vomit and tax troubles, David and I will be heading up to the Sage, Gateshead in August for a whole week of Spiral Dial plotting! I’m also excited to be taking a trip back in time to write a very special Spiral Dial themed story in a place very dear to my heart.  More news on our adventures next month as Series Three ferments. 

Wishing you all a fantastic summer! 



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