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Dear all

Glued to a tale of twisted horror? Wondering if there’s any hope left? Tear yourself away from the news for just one second, because I have glad tidings. Spiral Dial is here to take you away from all this into the surreal world of scifi sound! 

We left Jessica in a sticky situation last month. Does she get out? You’ll have to listen to find out. I can confirm that both popcorn and scythes are involved.  Check the latest episode to listen now! It’s an intense one on all fronts, so scroll down to the very bottom of the page for a trigger warning on the content if you would like to be fully informed before you dive in. 

For subscribers: Octopus meets Ammonite in the Series 2 finale! In addition, we have two tracks for you to download, one (Scythe) from the final episode of Series 1 as it was so funky it would’ve been rude not to. It also makes a great contrast with David’s atmospheric vocals on the second track. If any of you have been stalking David on Wikipedia, you will know that this song finally allows him to live up to his biography. 

This month in Parabolic Purr: Find out what David Lynch and AC/DC have in common. Plus Adam relives his lockdown trauma and we discuss the healing power of music. There’s also a discussion on the new technology we are planning on using in Series 3! If you’d like to join our subscribers and jump into Series 2 early, do it here now.

Talking of Series 3…. It’s going to be brand new everything next month as we dive into two very different settings. After we were lucky enough to spend time at the Sage Gateshead working on sound design, I predictably got sidetracked by a few extra projects. One of which is a full length novel. (I don’t do things by halves!) However we are now back on track and fully focused on the new series. Stick with us and see what happens next! 

Thanks so much for your support so far- we all appreciate it, especially the furry ones! 

Liza xx 

*Trigger warning: Both podcast episodes this month contain details on traumatic births. 

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