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This month, Spiral Dial goes into the orange! 

After our precipitous descent into the unknown at the end of Episode Twelve, our squishy new sensory home is a wild departure from the ship bound tales we have seen so far. A new setting means a brand new musical world too. Soft lullabies meet sinister synths, perfectly matched by brand new visuals from pushingnormal. Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify and all good podcast platforms.

Now is also a great time to revisit Series One. We have a brand new trailer featuring highlights from the first twelve episodes- check it out! We took the opportunity to make some small changes to those episodes, too. As you know Spiral Dial is performed completely LIVE- and that’s not changing anytime soon! We wanted to create a more immersive podcast experience for you, though, so we rearranged some of the music so that it sits below David’s narration. That means all twelve episodes are now very slightly different and (we hope!) improved. Let me know what you think! 

Subscribers, you are leaping all the way forward into Series Three! No spoilers here (of course!) but the setting is once more entirely different. Log in/sign up here to find out more! 

 This month in Parabolic Purr, we address all those burning topics which just can’t wait: 

-Time Loops

-the well known conundrum of mitochondria versus tax returns

-the roborecorder’s new home in the Science Museum (!) 

And last but not least, on the general theme of babies (you know we love them) Adam has some spawn related news to share. Unfortunately, perhaps in protest, the audio gremlins ate Adam’s mic feed but in true drummer style he speaks loud enough that you can still hear all of the gory details on mine.  

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new episodes! Sending you purrs as always as we move into the cold winter months….

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