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I’m writing this from a late night train slicing its way through the nether regions of Hampshire, a little bit spaced out in a good way! It’s been an extremely exciting few weeks on Spiral Dial. We are totally blown away that our very own roborecorder was chosen from all of the objects in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry’s exhibition to be preserved in the 6museum by none other than Lauren Laverne on the BBC!

Listen back from 1h 07 here to relive the moment. And if you’re joining us from 6music, welcome! We here on Spiral Dial always knew there was a plan for the roborecorders to take over the world. The airwaves are just the beginning…..

More about this next week on the other blog– for now, submerge yourself back in the orange with the latest episode of Spiral Dial- which, ironically, is rather light on the roborecorder as we’ve gone with a more vocal focused approach to the first few episodes of Series Two! I love the main featured song as it really shows off David’s voice- see what you think!

For subscribers, Parabolic Purr features some X rated details on David’s favourite methods of restraint, and more feline opinions from Adam (no baby news IRL yet, for those with an interest in Spiral Dial spawn! We’ll keep you posted.) Plus Series Three starts to heat up a little….log in now to find out more!

Sending purrs as always – until next month!

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