Dear all

Is anyone else getting whiplash? I can’t quite believe we’re at the end of the year already! And what a year. The roborecorder has infected not only the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry but the BBC Radio 6museum AND New Scientist! If you’ve not seen the feature yet you can watch it here!

I know there’s a few less enjoyable infections sweeping the country right now, so purrs and solidarity to those of you surviving the many and mighty lurgies on the loose!

In other news, we’re excited to be emerging from our studio cocoon for our very first live gig since before the pandemic! We’ll be back at Servant Jazz Quarters on the 10th January 2023 for the launch of Revenge of the Dragoncat, which is coming out on 6th January, followed by our EP INNERVATE on the 10th February. Get your tickets now here!

We are so much looking forward to being in the same room with you! David will be narrating- expect surreal roborecorder sounds and twisted dragoncat tales! If you’d like a dragoncat preview you can read the original short story here…..

Please do pre order the single and add it to your playlists via this special magic link! It’s all appreciated and really makes a difference.

I leave you with BIG PURRS and this month’s episode. Heavenly Helixers and Parabolic Purrers can log in now for some EXTRA purrs, mineral magic, rubber necking and some fancy fingerwork in Series 3. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support in 2022- here’s to an epic 2023!

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