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This month on Spiral Dial, we emerge from the January fog for a stalactite special, complete with spiralling synths and a close encounter of the rocky kind!

Furthermore, as I type this I am doing my very best to avoid active feline input. Yes, that’s right, the well known cat/keyboard issue. The question is, can cats actually type? Listen to this month’s episode for a very similar debate on Fin’s capabilities!

Subscribers can also log in to download the tracks of the month- Heavenly Helixers will be pleased to hear that this track doesn’t feature in the podcast at all and is for your ears only! Parabolic Purrers beware- this month Adam and David were given free rein in the studio as I was on active Pizza duty. As you know, we record every episode live and I’ve often wondered what it is like for you listening to our post episode conversations. Now I know! If you’re not already a Parabolic Purrer this month is a great month to join and get all of the behind the scenes info.

We also have some real life spawning action! I am happy to report that our drummer Adam and partner and cake artist extraordinaire Amandine are now proud parents to Baby Dial aka Baby Haze, Earth name Marlowe! In fact, Marlowe’s arrival very nearly derailed our gig on the 10th January at Servant Jazz Quarters! Only two days later Adam was mid gig when he received the news that labour was in progress and hot footed it to the hospital. We appreciate you Marlowe for holding off that critical 48 hours! We also have permission to share one of his very first pictures with you here- be warned, he’s super cute!

Photo by Adam Hayes

Parabolic Purrers will be getting a blow by blow account of his journey to this point in forthcoming episodes. David and I are very much in favour of sticking to creative spawning, so we are even more proud that the band has produced an actual human being! In case you’re wondering if we will be taking some time off, before Marlowe arrived we managed to get all twelve episodes in the can so Adam can enjoy some well deserved time off nappy changing action while I get them all mixed.

Outside of the Spiral Dial universe, I have a brand new EP, INNERVATE, out on the 10th February! Pre order it on Bandcamp now and Patricia promises that you will receive a divine reward at the pearly gates. (And a copy of the EP, obvs).

Sending you all purrs to last you through the rest of the winter!

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