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Anyone else prone to the odd crush, or ten? This episode is for you! Personally, I am usually in love with around three people at any given time- the more the merrier, right? And there’s nothing like a highly pressurised, avalanche prone, adrenaline packed situation to give those romantic feelings a little push. Listen to this month’s episode for the full details….

Meanwhile, in real life, our intrepid drummer Adam is busy getting to grips with the inevitable outcome of love and romance…..a stackload of dirty nappies. This month’s Parabolic Purr was recorded before all of that though, so subscribers can join Adam discussing some other post coital activities….

In case you missed it, Spiral Dial’s EP INNERVATE is out this month. You can buy it on Bandcamp or stream it (preferably on repeat!). We have also been lucky enough to feature in Insider magazine this week! Read the article here

So much hope you enjoy this month’s episode- and sending you many purrs! xx

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