Jessica flees the Army Medical Corps for a quiet life on board the mysterious research vessel Spiral Dial. When crew members start sickening she must unearth the ship’s secrets or be consumed by them.

Electroacoustic improvisational ensemble Spiral Dial’s new serial launches on 30th October 2020 with Sunshine Velvet. Swirling synths and woodwinds mingle with ethereal yet sinister vocals, setting the scene for a surreal sci-fi extravaganza.

Artwork by Jeff Conway @pushingnormal

Spiral Dial is the brainchild of Liza Bec. Formerly a classical clarinettist, Liza’s life was transformed when she was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy triggered by playing music. For a musician, this was more than inconvenient. It was soul destroying. It turns out, nevertheless, that fragments of soul can be reconstructed.

Working around her glitchy brain, Liza re-learnt how to play through improvisation. After collaborations with James Holden and The Memory Band she now creates improvised soundscapes and short stories with her band Spiral Dial. She was also supported by Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund to create Innervate, an audiovisual installation inspired by her experience of music triggered epilepsy. Liza has studied geology and medicine and considers herself a fully qualified geek.

More episodes coming soon! Watch out for new sound stories on the last Friday of every month.

Spiral Dial features:

Rhian the robo recorder, constructed from copper tape, circuit board and twisted dreams with the aid of Leafcutter John.

Liza Bec on vocals, recorder, bass clarinet and synth

David Ryder Prangley narrating and wielding the bass guitar

Adam Hayes on percussion

Produced by Liza Bec at Anarres Studio

Mastered by Camilo Tirado

Artwork by Jeff Conway @pushingnormal

Spiral Dial, 2020, by Rowan Spray