Ethereal electroacoustic ensemble Spiral Dial release new EP ‘Live at Servant Jazz Quarters‘ on 25th September 2020.

a stunning composition of mesmerising beauty” – Grotesqualizer

the ultimate magical sonic art” – Last Day Deaf

Praise for ‘Brain Song’, Spiral Dial’s debut single

Would you like to travel back in time?

Might I suggest February 2020 as a destination? The scene: a darkly atmospheric basement. Tonight’s concert will be improvised from scratch around a single note, inspired by the malfunction of its creator’s brain. Soaring vocals and woodwinds meld with ambient electronic drones and driving percussion, interspersed with delicately surreal poetry.

From mesmerising songs (Why You’re Hurting, A Silent Prayer) to abstract instrumentals (I Can’t Breathe), these free improvisations are both spontaneous and yet form a coherent whole. Liza’s original poetry (Ten Thousand Hours, The Wall) is brought to life alongside delicate vocal and electronic soundscapes.

Spiral Dial 2019, by Rowan Spray

Formerly a classical clarinettist, Liza’s life was transformed when she was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy triggered by playing music. For a musician, this was more than inconvenient. It was soul destroying.

It turns out, nevertheless, that fragments of soul can be reconstructed. Working around her glitchy brain, Liza re-learnt how to play through improvisation. After collaborations with James Holden and The Memory Band she now creates improvised soundscapes and short stories with her band Spiral Dial.

Supported by Help Musicians UK, she created Innervate, an audiovisual installation inspired by her real life experiences. These recordings are taken from the first live performance of Innervate and include two excerpts from the original short story.


Rhian the robo recorder, constructed from copper tape, circuit board and twisted dreams.

Liza Bec on vocals, recorder and electronics

David Ryder Prangley narrating and wielding the bass guitar

Adam Hayes on percussion

Recorded and mixed by Liza Bec

Mastered by Camilo Tirado

short story here.

Next up from Spiral Dial:

Live EP release 25.09.20

Episode 1 coming 30.10.20

Download high res wav files, images and short story from:

Twitter/Instagram @SpiralDial