Have you ever wondered how it might feel if the delicate connection between your brain and body broke? If you told your hand to move, and instead it jumped? If you told your feet to walk, and instead they danced?

Set in a dystopian future, and accompanied by atmospheric, abstract audiovisuals, Innervate is a short story and audiovisual experience based on Liza’s own experience of living with and overcoming music triggered reflex epilepsy.

a stunning composition of mesmerising beauty


Improvised live on Liza’s self constructed robotic tenor recorder with her band Spiral Dial, INNERVATE has two realities….

a live, improvised performance where anything really can happen

an immersive audiovisual installation which uses binocular rivalry to create the experience of a glitchy brain first hand.

Visuals for INNERVATE, taken from the installation, were created by Dan Tombs and Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez. All music and visuals improvised live.

Read more about Liza’s story and how Innervate was made here.

Work on Innervate was funded by Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund. Please contact us for all bookings and enquiries at contactus (@) spiraldial (dot) com