In our latest monthly serial, Jessica flees the Army Medical Corps for a quiet life on board the mysterious research vessel Spiral Dial. When crew members start sickening she must unearth the ship’s secrets or be consumed by them.

Episode 1 : Sunshine Velvet

Episode 2: Hammock

Jessica and Amy are both suspended, but in very different ways.

Episode Three: Induction

The Captain introduces a very special brand of bureaucracy. Jessica experiences a divine breakfast.

Episode Four: Confession

Jessica goes overboard to escape her destiny.

Episode Five: Moonshine

A full moon bears strange fruit.

Episode Six: Oblivion

Jessica carries out a clandestine raid.

A new episode is released on our website on the last Friday of every month- complete with soundscapes! A podcast version is currently fermenting for the audiobook lovers amongst you.

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Written by Liza Bec

Artwork by Jeff Conway

©️BMV Records 2020